lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

Estractos del cómic "Cómo un Cadáver", para Orfidal

Este es un estracto del cómic que he hecho para el próximo número de Orfidal.
This is an extract of the comic that will be published in the next Orfidal Zine.

Wax yourself

Available in stickers

Disponibles en pegatinas

Portada para Siren Zine

Cover for Siren Zine , London DJ female collective:


when you are drowning in life´s responsibilities but you prefer toucing your genitalia under water

 Cuando te estás ahogando en tus responsabilidades 
pero prefieres tocarte los genitales baja el agua

Erich Fromm



Casa Yager V !

Poster Casa Yager

Entrada Casa Yager

Postal para Hit With Tits

Postal para Hit With Tits

Otros Mundos, cómic para Finnegans!

 Cómic para Finnegans "Otros Mundos" de Foster Ediciones

"Me gusta mucho esa frase" para Finnegans 4 de Foster Ediciones

Cómic para el fanzine Finnegans 4 "Me Gusta Mucho Esa Frase" de Foster Ediciones.

Verano 2016

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2016


Demasiado tarde para anunciarlo como algo nuevo pero nunca es demasiado tarde.
He hecho este cómic con Roberta Vazquez publicado por Fosfatina. Es un split que empieza por ambas carillas en sentidos opuestos y narra dos historias paralelas en las que las acciones de los personas se entrelazan. Yo personalmente he puesto todo mi odio en este cómic, no te lo pierdas.
Compra aquí.

It´s too late but never too late to announce it as something new. I made this comic with the glamorous Roberta Vazquez , published by  Fosfatina. It´s an split, the two stories start from both sides of the comic but in two different directions, so you have to turn the comic around to read them. Both stories are related in time and common characters. I expressed loads of hate here, don´t miss it!
Buy here! If you are in the UK or somewhere else and you don´t know Spanish, I have copies with a translation for you, just contact me at or through my Instagram.

YOLO by me

Flor y Nata, by Roberta Vazquez

Algunos de ellos vienen con estas fantásticas pegatinas para poner en la cabeza de tu hijo y nunca perderlo de vista.
Some of them, (especially if you catch us at an art market, come with these fantastic stickers that you can stick in your child´s forehead.

Algunos ejemplos de YOLO
Some example images from YOLO

-So he starts saying stuff like he has a present for her but she cannot tell anyone!
-Wooooooh!So, what did you do?-I yelled: DUDE!! IT´S PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO MAKE THIS WORLD THE FUCKING SHIT IT IS!!-Well done. Did he leave her alone?-No! He was her dad! Can you believe it?I mean , what kind of dad wears no finger gloves?I made the little girl cry... I was so embarrassed... -I don´t believe you. It´s a lie.-I wish.By the way, did you hear that gossip about me having crabs?- No... but I think I am okay with one pathetic story per day. -You didn´t understand me! I´m asking you if you knew about that rumor!-No!But if it is true, the best thing is fire. _..., do you know who started the gossip?-Yeh! that fucking sausage!-You should say something to him.-I know. I don´t feel like it though, but I´ll say something to him as soon as he stops taking over the karaoke. -Okay, guys. Are you ready for Wiz Khalifa?He´s the motherfucking boss! "Yeah!, uh huh! you know how it is..." -(I wish I was dead)

-Don´t worry! I´m leaving!
I´ll see you later!(BLAM!) -Ehm... Scott?-What?-I just wanted to make one thing clear.I also masturbate.

"I hate my fucking life"

-Anyway, who´s this girl? How many followers does she have on Instagram?-I don´t have Instagram-You... DON´T?(PLAF!)
-What are you talking about? I´m German!! Look at the swastika on my forehead!
- Oh my God!
Probably they are right. I shouldn´t drink this much.
Today is the last day I’ll do it.

Loosen up girls

Hace poco fui a Miami y a New Orleans y vi un montón de cuerpos desnudos. Todo el mundo tiene buena figura, es asqueroso. Me ha llenado de energía para seguir dibujando pechos. Si eso es lo que de verdad te mola puedes seguirme en Instagram.

Not long ago I went to Miami and New Orleans and I´ve seen lots of naked people. They are all in excellent shape. It´s disgusting. It gave me a lot of energy to draw some more boobs. If you like boobs, follow me on Instagram